Recording artist Robin Lukas is an internationally acclaimed vocalist/pianist whose vocal stylings and charismatic elegance delights audiences worldwide. An indomitable musical force, Robin's a seasoned professional brimming with fresh innovative spirit.

With unique piano voicings and an intimate vocal style, Robin enchants listeners with artful arrangements of funk/jazz/Brasilian standards.

A universal appeal rises from Robin's ability to play anything-- Jazz, Classical, Latin, Pop and Funk. A strong solo as well as ensemble performer, Chicago native Robin has performed at many distinguished local venues including: The Pump Room; The Signature Room at the John Hancock Center; The Drake; The Metropole at the Fairmont Hotel; Green Dolphin Street; Andy's and Hilton Towers.

Testimony to Robin's versatility are her Cocktail Set Tributes-- single set musical biographies of The Carpenters; Elton John; Nat “King” Cole; The Gershwins; Cole Porter and Burt Bacharach. Complete with narration and compelling musical execution, Robin's musical biographies dazzle audiences on international waters at SRO (standing room only) performances.
On her first self titled CD Robin Lukas featured the legendary late Thomas Kini on Bass and dynamic Phil Gratteau on drums. Recorded at Cathedral Studios, the much-sought-after recording impresario/percussionist Geraldo de Oliveira engineered.
Robin's second self titled CD (available on CDBaby) features top Chicago musicians and reveals yet another side of Robin. This eclectic CD has something for everyone: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Funky B3, Steely Dan, Blues, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Hall & Oates and tasteful standards.

Released Nov 2008, Robin's third CD "Beyond Paradigm's Edge" features all original material.
Robin's musical odyssey expands worldwide thrilling audiences in the South Pacific, Caribbean, the Atlantic Crossing, French and Spanish Riviera, the Netherlands, Baltics, Alaska, Circling South America, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
Robin Lukas hopes to be seen soon performing in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and at the North Sea and Montreal Jazz Festivals.